chipmunks in web chat

September 22, 2010

This morning I tried again to participate in the meeting from New Zealand in the Elluminate session. Even though I changed my local network I still had the sound cutting off for a minute at a time.
I went to work where internet is extremly fast (internet was born at Cern). At work I had no problems at all.
Even if the adsl in France is not too bad, I think the lag in the line is enough to cause these cuts. When most participants are from the Kiwi part of the world and their communication works well, as soon as my connection lag its clogs and I can’t participate well.
This might could be solved with a half second buffer or so.. But this is just my theory and it also make me think about the importance of infrastructure…….

Folke writing from the real world on the BlackBerry.


One Response to “chipmunks in web chat”

  1. You ought to get hold of the support people at Elluminate and ask them for help. Kim has tried this & they were very helpful

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