twitter conference (webference ?)

September 16, 2010

We had a real nice discussion on Twitter i real time, discussing about Twitter for learning and network building. Twitter is so easy to use, so when know the basics, its fun to use. Many other tools tend to have too many glitches and make the technical problems take the fun out of the discussion. 100 bonus points to Twitter.,,


3 Responses to “twitter conference (webference ?)”

  1. Peeii Says:

    Hi, it would be nice to hear/see more, how it did take place. Can you wrote something?

  2. I was surprised how quickly time flew and how much was said considering there were only 5 of us talking. A good event…I really enjoyed it

  3. Sun äitis Says:

    I was lurking your conference, and as I already mentioned in Skype and Twitter, I accidentally found a new feature in my Twitter client Nambu: it translated the tweets to Finnish! Something worth studying a bit more, namely, it has bothered me should I tweet in English or in Finnish, since some of my contacts are Finnish speaking and some aren’t.

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