social networking

September 2, 2010

About social networking to promote and/or facilitate. Good or bad ? I think social networking actually is very good to form the online identity. It gives that personal touch that is needed to get closer to eachother…. I still think its wise to be careful, since the web is full of sharks. I actually had my first scam friend on facebook the other day, stolen pictures from a website and very poor profile, and that made me think how important it really is to maintain and develop within the online social network. Maybe not everyone likes to read about when I clean my bathrrom or see pictures from a scooter trip at the foot of the alps like the one here.
People and friends can see that I’m human, I’m not a scam. And employers and students can see that my life is 100% dedicated to my profession. Just that I can show that I’m a living person with hobbies and things to do makes other persons come closer to me even if I never met them IRL.

Actually a few of my best friends that I can talk about anything are people I never met for real, maybe just because that I dare to discuss matters that I wouldn’t talk about face to face.
That is all private, in the social networking I stick to the principle that someone said in the FO2010 meeting.

“Only put things on the web that I can accept to be put up on a public noticeboard”

Over and out ! 🙂


One Response to “social networking”

  1. Sun äitis Says:

    I started my virtual life as an active blog commentator six years ago. Five years ago I started my blog, which was at first anonymous. Even then I kept in mind the public noticeboard -logic. So, coming out of the closet with my own name a couple of years later was not a big deal.

    I saw very early the potential of blogs in education, but I hesitated when I got my first invitation to Facebook. I felt that I wasn’t ready to mix my personal life and my professional life to the extent that FB (at that time) demanded. That’s one of the reasons why I never joined FB (the other one was that I get so easily addicted to interaction that I was afraid I’d loose touch of my real life, if I joined FB!).

    Some years ago I read blog entries claiming that students don’t always appreciate that teachers put up courses in Facebook. They felt that it was intruding. The term “creepy treehouse” was introduced.

    I understand that FB nowadays allows you to use different categories and choose who sees what. But as it is, I have still remained outside. (for someone like me who encountered lots of social media apps before FB and Twitter were even introduced, it’s really confusing to see how some people nowadays seem to think that social media=FB)


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